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ivy Dragonswood A place for all Pagans...Got a question on Paganism? Call in to Dragonswood and ask away...
ivy Gruenwold Cottage "A bit of magic in every room... " fantastic site with recipes and ideas for filling your home, garden and life with Enchantment - recommended!
ivy The White Goddess The White Goddess Pagan Portal, is an online resource for Pagans, Wiccans and Witches, providing in depth information on a varied range of areas...
ivy Twisted Tree Information about all sorts of things related to paganism like standing stones, crystals, dragons, rituals, folklore and more...
ivy Z Budapest Exploring Women's Mysteries - Website of Zsuzsanna - Pyschic, Wiccan, Author...
ivy Rainbow Medicine Lodge Shamanic Medicine, Complementary Therapies, Ceremonial Services, Psychic Readings and Goddess Art.
ivy Gaia's Garden [Australia] Gaia's Garden is a wonderful location in Kew East, Victoria, Australi, which contains a sacred ceremonial space, labyrinth and meditation spaces. [ is not related to - though we may share a name, along with a love and respect for Gaia]
The Spiral Path Mommawhitecougar's online Grimoire. Beautifully written musings, ritual and magick suggestions and poetry.
Water Lily Temple A website dedicated to spiritual enlightenment through the honouring of the earth and the cosmos.
The British Druid Order The British Druid Order teaches and practises Druidry as the ancient native spirituality of Europe, re-kindling its sacred fire for the 21st century
Association of Polytheist Traditions A non-profit organisation based in the UK which welcomes all polytheists, including those who adhere to 'world religions' and those who simply have personal relationships with individual gods.
SummerLand Grove The Official Website of Summerland Grove Pagan Church. A community of covens and solitiares working together to better ourselves and the world around us, through the rituals and practices of the Old Religion.
Pagan Federation UK based organisation, website provides information on the organisation and their magazine Pagan Dawn.
OBOD The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids... Attempting to link Welsh pagans all across the world....
Inner Goddess Reconnect with your innner Goddess - information, mantras, affirmations and articles...
Doreen Valiente A site devoted to honouring the late Doreen Valiente.
Pete Jennings My site carries details of PF Chelmsford Pagan Moot, Odinshof, The Magic Mummers and Gemini Ghost Tours as well as my Pagan books and folk activities...
The Path of the Feather A shamanic journey, medicine wheels and spirit animals... A site packed full of information about Wicca and Witchcraft...
Dragon Environmental Network Dragon links environmental action with magical practice. We draw from many magical traditions and everyone is welcome.
Shamanism Ireland Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies - offers training in the healing journey of celtic shamanic practice
Skvala A collection of articles about heathenry and related topics.
Fabrisia's Boschetto Fabrisia's Boschetto is dedicated to Stregheria or Strega, Italian Witchcraft, but also contains general information about Correllian Wicca and Witchcraft for new and experienced seekers.
Eagle's Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism Shamanism and shamanic teachings & workshops. Ayahuasca and plant spirit medicine retreats. Shamanism is humankind's oldest healing path, offers ways for people to become aware of their potential, and to explore their spiritual relationship to the world and themselves...
The Majickal Garden The Majickal Garden for those traveling the path...interested in enhancing spiritual growth. Sharing insights of the esoterical, mystical, Goddess and New Age.

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