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A Poem for Springtime
by Jude BaileyMurfin

Deep in the womb of Mother Earth
New life begins to stir.
She bids the sun to send warm rays
As she turns on the Wheel of the Year.
The sap is rising in the trees,
There's a quickening all around,
Buds on branches are waiting to burst
And snowdrops push through the ground.
The squirrels scurry through the grass,
Fresh from their Winter's rest,
The frogs croak out their courting song
And the blackbird builds her nest.
Everything looks so new and bright
Washed by a shower of rain,
A lightened time when life renews
And we welcome Spring again.

*        *        *
A poem for Springtime © Jude BaileyMurfin [vernal equinox 2007]


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