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Winter Flames
by Ash

Frozen life obscures my view.
Give me something that is real.
No one will ever know where the flowers go,
why are they gone?

Leave your fear behind.
Why does the earth sing its dirge?
Why do the flames of the sun cry for me?
I see the circles and I search for truth,
I 've gone through doors that seasons can't follow.

I would stay inside for eternity, and watch your frozen eyes.
Your mind in ice whilst your heart stays petrified in amber.
On icey winds will we float on the edge of reason?
Will we ever feel flames again?

Your cold heart is soothing and disturbing.
But I have no reason to pretend that I have no reason to be.
I have seen this all before, the same bitter story.

I know that one day, when the frost covers my eyes, and the snow falls on my mind,
that for all my love of you and reverence, I will feel flames again.

Until then, I watch over your pale sheeted tomb.

*   *   *
Winter Flames by Ash 2005


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