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by Alison Jones

It is the season to celebrate
The returning of the light,
And the shortened days that reign of late
Will soon be put to rights!
Bedeck the halls with greenery,
Lay feasts for all to share,
To harken the year’s nativity
In a circle gather where,
All may join in fellowship
No matter creed or race,
To reminisce in friendship
And welcome the bright sun’s face.
It is a time for compromise
To put aside our woes,
To see one another through new eyes
As round the wheel we go.
The holly king his berries bright
Draws near his mistletoe queen
Jack Frost’s handiwork all delights
In an icing sugar snow scene.
The Yule log burns bright in the hearth
To summon the new light in,
We contemplate our future path
Of a new cycle that will begin,
With snowdrops reaching through the soil
To greet the sun’s warm face,
For us to begin a fresh found toil
Moving on with springtime’s pace.

*   *   *
Midwinter © Alison Jones 2005


pale leaves

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