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by Ash

I look into the distance, I see the fading trees aligned.
In the growing winter dark,
Nature goes to sleep, it is meant to be.
(But I call you back to me), I want to see you alive again.

But you're coming back again,
Back to light up the darkness,
You are coming to guide me through.

Frosty nights and misty days,
The wild slumbers deep, resting from summers glare.
All is trapped in ice so strong.

But a flickering fire melts my heart once more,
A warm winter glow wakes up my mind. I scream out your name.

You're not to be found, hidden in the deep. I gaze over the land, all is so still,
Caught in the bitter chill.
A robin sings my name, I look to her and smile.
"Come with me in flight, I 'll show you,
Without darkness there can be no light."
I look towards the sky, and hold out my hand, I fly with her through space and time,
Now I understand...

*   *   *
Yule by Ash 2005


pale leaves

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