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The Wishing Well
by Dragonlady / Jill Earlam

Come rest with me and bide awhile I have a tale to tell
Of how, upon a day like this, I found the wishing-well
'Twas hidden deep within the forest, far from prying eyes
Encircled by a leafy grove completing its disguise

I can't explain the feelings that this place aroused in me
I knew that if I stayed here something special I would see
I stood astounded, eyes aglow as sunbeams sparkled through
Within my line of sight and strangely now this place I knew

A dragon's head of stone adorned this ancient wishing well
With tail and wings outspread and as upon it my gaze fell
His eyes were gleaming sapphire holding mine as if to say
We've waited here so long for you, now please don't go away

He spoke these words inside my head to say all was not well
"My lady lies beneath this water, from a sorcerer's spell
And I can only watch over her, waiting for the day
When someone comes along to take this darkened curse away"

What evil had befallen her to warrant such cruel fate?
Under a wizard's eye she came and realised too late
The one she loved, who in return loved her with every breath
Was threatened by the sorcerer in ways far worse than death

The wizard tried to make her his but she would not be swayed
No matter how he threatened her, this innocent young maid
Who wouldn't have the sorcerer for her heart was clean and pure
And now she's waiting for her love to rescue her once more

So in my head the dragon told me just what I should do
To bring him back to life so he could save his lady too
I closed my eyes and whispered words I never knew before
Those magic words he said to me this evil curse would cure

I stood with eyes still closed expecting dragon breath to feel
Instead a touch so gentle, feather soft and barely real
Caressed my cheek, and as I looked, before me standing there
No dragon, but a man with smiling eyes and golden hair

There at his side a lady, eyes so dark and filled with love
And as they stood together, came a sound from up above
The sound of beating dragon wings filled the air around my head
They smiled at one another and then turned to me and said

"There are no words to thank you but we do with heart and mind
We never thought that anyone this lonely place would find"
And then with whispered birdsong echoing softly on the breeze
They turned and walked away and disappeared into the trees

*        *        *
The Wishing Well © Dragonlady/Jill Earlam 2003


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