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Wait For Me
by Dragonlady / Jill Earlam

On the surface of the shimmering, sparkling lake Sits a lady
alone in a boat She weeps for the love than can never be hers
And the unconscious fading of hope She stares into the water
her own face she sees Reflected by moonlight above Then simply
by magic one more face appears And this is the face of her
love He smiles then so sweetly and inside her head She can
hear the words that he speaks Come back to the grove I will
wait for you there We cannot leave it like this I just need
to hold you and know that you’re mine And remember the touch
of your kiss And then in the life that will follow this time
I will find you and love you like this.

*        *        *
Wait For Me © Dragonlady/Jill Earlam 2005


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