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The Journey so far
by Jade Wolf

Can you not hear my heart scream out “Why!”
As all the lessons you teach me make my soul cry
My heart can’t take anymore as I softly sigh
**Where is my spiritual home**

You're just out of reach and take up so much love
It feels like you fit like a 4 fingered glove
So I stand still and look up to the heavens above
**I just want to find my home**

But every now and then I catch a small glance
Of Avalon reflected on the dark knights lance
Of pagans dancing their full moon dance
**And I can almost taste my home**

But my vision vanishes in a swirling haze
And I’m falling again in a whirlwind daze
To walk alone in this spiritual maze
**take my hand help me find my home**

I tread well worn paths and dry my tear
I venture places inside that I still now fear
But I have faith that you are always near
**helping me find my home**

And as I learn to trust the wolf inside
I know that I walk my path with pride
It will be worth it all those tears I’ve cried
**I will find my spiritual home**

*        *        *
The Journey so far. © Jade Wolf SR 2005


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