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The Canvas
by LBolotin / CatSister

The canvas of the summer is made of shades green;
Emerald, jade and serpentine with many in-between.

When the harvest time begins the Lady takes up her brush;
She starts to add new colors, vibrant, bold and lush.

Carnelian, garnet, amber dots the forest floor;
She lets it dry a day or so, before she adds a little more.

She works with slow precision as she paints each leaf with care;
Ash, oak and aspen glow; with gemstone hues everywhere.

When the landscape is complete she adds a turquoise sky;
Wild geese and soft white clouds gently sail on by.

To the lady we give thanks for the beauty that she brings;
Each season is a masterpiece that helps our spirits sing.

*        *        *
The Canvas © LBolotin / CatSister 9-3-07


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