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by Lady Greenwood

I am no fragile flower.
I do not fade and die
Beneath the storm of your madness.

I am the green land,
I am the blue sky,
I am your heart and the heart of Éire.

I do not surrender.
I am the Morrigan
Screaming over your battlefield.

I am mystery and dreaming,
I am the vision and the waking,
I am the gateway to all that you are.

I am Brighid, the fiery arrow,
Healing, fierce, boundless.
I am wings of fire beneath a cloak of green

.I do not bend before you.
I am the banshee’s wail.
I haunt the heart, fire the soul’s passion.

I am peace and I am freedom,
I am proud, I am the myths, the dreams,
The warp and weft of eternity. I am Tara.

*        *        *
Tara © Lady Greenwood 2007


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