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by Jody Copestake

The rocks whisper beneath my feet
tearing small cuts at my skin,
jagged on the razors edge, the tiny blood pools slip away.
The veil of night draws close
and the long shimmering lines of your tides
break the stony silence
infatuated, hanging from the sky.
I reach out to touch the silver blossom
so far yet reaching up so near,
they sit just on the tip of my finger,
gleaming like a mothers pride.
I peer out through these empty eyes
reflecting my visions over in my mind
watching as your face falls down,
soaking my body, holding it tight.
I curl up in your arms; earth mother
like your child you hold me firm
My intellect falls into a unkempt fire
my sanctuary forever burns.

*        *        *
Sanctuary © J L


pale leaves

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