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Together Again
by Earth-Fire

Dark welcome mist, comes home again
As I lay out my table just for them.
With apples then pumpkins and honey mead wine
Tonight with my lost ones I will dine.     

  I flame a black candle so you will see,
the light through my window, "come home to me".
Although you are gone the veil is thin,
Now let the celebration begin! 

We shall dance, we shall sing under a Samhain sky.
  For tonight not a tear for you will I cry.
  For you are with me, in my circle of light,
  and we will hold each other so very tight.

When our feet are tired, when the food has gone,
    the candles burnt out for  it is dawn.
    I shall kiss you goodbye, then take your hand.
    I shall guide you back to the Summerland.

*   *   *
Together Again © Earth-Fire / Paola.Nicholas 2005


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