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by Jaxann

Darkness falls, a cool grey light blankets land and sea
A hush that hangs in the air as if awaiting me
eyes wide open so as not to miss a single vision seen
peaceful, calm, the added charm of fire's welcoming glow
opening myself to the Goddess the God and past friends I know
A channel between two worlds, precious time given
A chance to feel the spirits move
to see whats been hidden
Samhain, a time of quiet reflection and reconciliation
spend some time, find a space
make sure your mind is clear
e, call on a friend
make peace without any fear
enjoy this time its here for us to learn and to educate
Samhain greetings to one and all on this very special date.

*   *   *
Sahmain © Jaxann 2005


pale leaves

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