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by JadeWolf

Take me away from the madness that living brings
Where the waters clear and the blue bird sings
Where the air is fresh and the skies are blue
Where there’s no one around and nothing to do.

The noise of this life is just crowding my head
No one really listens to a word that anyone said
It’s all just a drama and we are players in time
Standing on the stage of life in this rhyme

Take me to a place where magic is born
Where a crystal stream bathes a unicorn
Where the animals rule and the light of the sun
Is warming the heart of each and everyone

I know it’s a fantasy but don’t wake me yet
I have no feature or form just a white silhouette
I am nothing more than a cool summers breeze
I am dancing petals and falling leaves

And yes I will wake to the light of this day
I will pick up my lines for the world and its play
But for now I need peace in the garden of Gaia
Where I can peel of the outer noisy world layer

Endulge me my fantasy for its real in my mind
Where the food is delicious and the people are kind
Where it’s silent when needed and bliss in the shade
Where I can just be me here, as your friend Jade.

*        *        *
Peace © JadeWolf / SR


pale leaves

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