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The Spinner of the Land
by Ali

I dream the darkness,
the spinner of the land,
Sovereign Queen
who guides nature's hand.
Upon my spindle, see how I shape,
sacred places, earthly faces,
the earth's green drapes.
My stitches are sharp,
and made of gold,
the thread of tradition,
of history foretold,
of a time when they
would strain at the seams,
as from rents in the fabric
my wisdom streams,
to fall into the deep
of time and space,
removed from its intended place.
So sing it back now,
loud and clear,
so the guardian spirits
may gather and hear,
that humanity has not fallen
into despair,
that they respect the land
and give it care.
It must be cherished
at the joyful heart's hearth.
and kept in your journey
upon the path,
that you are a keeper
and holder of the thread,
in all your actions
in all that is said.
Remember me, coiled
with my thread in the dark,
rainbow energy, inspiration's spark,
I entrust to you the fabric of the land,
caress it lovingly with healing hands.

*   *   *
The Spinner of the Land © Copyright Ali 2006


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