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Persephone's Lament
by Patricia Mills

I raise my face
to the Sun
and feel It's love once more.
I fill my lungs with
the crisp Autumn air
and revel in Nature's bounty.
How beautiful the World is
in bountiful splendor,
coloured bright and bold;
How generous the Mother is
with fields over flowing
and vines ripe with life.
But alas, the North wind blows
bringing tidings of my woe.
The leaves fall like tears
as my blood turns icy cold.
My heart clouds over
grey as the Winter sky;
Love is no longer there.
My skin grows pale,
my soul burrows deep;
Now is the time for the dead.
I journey into the darkness
of my marriage bed,
dreaming of the light.

*   *   *
Persephone's Lament © Copyright Patricia Mills 2006


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