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Fairy Dreaming
by Susan Hensman

As I sit beneath my willow tree
the fae do dance in rounds of three.
Round and round they spin so fast
As toadstools spring up in the grass
Hearken! do I hear the sound?
of bells and harness, hooves do pound
I bow my head, I must not see
the beautiful lady, so close is she.
Wings of silver dressed in white
surrounded in a glowing light.
The fae are silent as in respect
a hand does gently stroke my neck.
eyes tight shut, I want to see
sweet words are whispered just to me
"come and dance join in the round
music and feasting will be found"
one eye open, just a peek
what a sight my eye did seek
faries big and faries small
fairies in no clothes at all!
I try to stand, and bump my head
to find I've fallen from my bed!

*   *   *
Fairy Dreaming © Copyright Susan Hensman 2006


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