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by Dragonlady

Her hand appears out of the lake
Lace covered fingers poised to take
Excalibur, sun-beaded sword
Belonged once to my noble Lord.

Lying still now in loneliness
Awaiting death's complete caress
That will not come, how can it be
I cannot hear, nor can I see
One thought escapes inside my head
Remembering words that Merlin said
He told me that this day would come
A day on which the rising sun
Would shine his light down to my tomb
Enveloping this darkened room
A white light like none seen before
Whose power opens any door

Before me now my Lady stands
She holds Excalibur in her hands
"Go forth my King and wake your men
The time has come to rule again."

*   *   *
Arthur © Copyright Dragonlady / Jill Earlam


pale leaves

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