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A FurryTail for Ostara
by MommaWhiteCouga

As Eostre walked upon the Earth one early Springtime day
She saw Dame Holda high above upon her goose so grey.
"What are you doing flying high? The winter should be past!
It's time for warmth and growing things, not for a chilly blast!"

Dame Holda simply waved and smiled, "The answer's plain my dear,
I'm letting my goose stretch her wings before we end our year."
And so the goose's feathers fell as softly drifting snow
Her flapping wings stirred up a gale that all around did blow.

Then Eostre saw the wobbly lambs all shivering in the fold
And daffodils whose sunny heads were drooping in the cold.
But saddest sight of all was seen – it made dear Eostre cry
A skylark frozen on the ground - too cold and weak to fly.

"What can I do to end this pain? How can I solve her plight?
She lies near death from bitter frost. I cannot bear this sight!"
And so dear Eostre took the bird to give it all her care.
To keep it warm and keep it safe, she changed it to a hare!

"A hare has such a fluffy coat and fuzzy furry feet.
She will not suffer from the wind or cold and falling sleet!"
The skylark was somewhat surprised to find herself earthbound
But in her snugly furry coat began to hop around.

The days went by (as days will do), the hare grew strong and bright
But she was not content you see, for she had had lost her flight.
"I know I sound ungrateful since you saved my life, it's clear.
But I miss the thrill of open skies and soaring full of cheer."

So Eostre, ever kindly, raised the hare high in the sky.
She could not give the bunny wings, but had a plan to try.
She placed the hare in the night sky to shine there as some stars
They're called Lepus - still there today - just somewhere West of Mars.

The hare was happy for a while so high above the Earth.
But stars (except in Hollywood) are not equipped for birth.
She wanted babies as before, she wanted tiny chicks.
Eostre was now quite bemused. Could this request be fixed?

And then she had a brilliant thought: the answer was so clear!
The hare could come back down to earth for just one day a year.
"If eggs she wants, then eggs she'll have on just one special day
The hare who was a skylark once will have her chance to lay!"

And so the day arrived at last, the hare could come to earth.
She tried to fly. She flapped her ears for all that she was worth!
She hopped and jumped. She bounced off Mars. She caromed off the Sun.
No matter what the bunny tried all she could do was run!

"How will I ever lay my eggs? I cannot seem to fly.
The earth is still so far away, whatever can I try?"
She looked down on the sparkling earth, all wet after a shower.
"That's it!" the clever hare declared, "I'll slide on rainbow power!"

And that is what the bunny did. The rainbow saved the day.
By sliding down its colours bright she now her eggs could lay.
But when the eggs were laying there on grass all moist with dew
They were not white, oh no my dear, but were of rainbow hue!

Yes, Magick from the rainbow made the eggs all green and blue
Some red and orange and violet eggs. No honestly, it's true!
And that is why on just one day these eggs you still may see.
A gift from Eostre and the hare that's left for you and me!

*  * *
A FurryTail for Ostara © MommaWhiteCougar 2006


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