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Of This Land
by Jody Copestake

Where did I walk in the dawn of the shadows sky?
Head swaying in the breeze as the winds sketch my hair
Feet sinking deep, home in the soil.

The secrets and lines change each second as my mind races the landscape,
Walking into the next scene,
Embellishing her colours thick into my eyes.

The hills bump vividly into the background,
The rivers run down the paper, chasing the babbling brooks to the streams.
The trees stand tall, painting life, watching as the Earth collides with the Sky.
The oceans of thought trickle over each vision my mind creates,
Dancing on the shore under the moon crowned in time
Echoes that wash up in the tide draw pictures of our elders standing tall in stone.

The season's seeds fall as they are called, sinking deep at the turn of the wheel,
New life is brewing whilst old life stews
A collage emerges as each moment sustains to another memory, of this land

*        *        *
Of This Land © J L Copestake


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