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Mother Earth
by Sam Spaniel

Mother Earth
I thank you
for your seasons
of light and darkness
your way is
the way we survive
i thank you
for allowing me
to live at peace
within your garden
to share your every sunrise
and sunset
To call each day
a new beginning
to hear the bird song
the fox's yap
the deer bark
the breeze rustling the leaves on the trees
to eat the harvest i bear
in my own small garden
because you nurture it with me

I thank you

for the sun
which tempts the young animals and crops from their places in the earth.

For the moon
Allowing me time to rest, and nocturnal animals time to hunt their pray.

for the trees
which produce food, shelter, and somewhere for birds to nest and small children, squirrels and cats to climb

and for life
without it, i would not be here, to breathe your air, to drink your water, to eat your harvest

as i look around me
i realise how grateful i am
how happy being a part of this earth really makes me feel
how i should appreciate every day that i live and breathe your clear beautiful air
I am alive

Gaia ~ I give thanks for all i receive without acknowledgement every day

Blessed Be

*        *        *
Mother Earth © MC Sam Spaniel 2008



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