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Buffalo Spirit
by Jack Robinson

Oh great buffalo spirit,
where have your brothers gone,
once you were millions,
now nearly none.

Oh great buffalo spirit,
send my people a sign,
for many moons now,
we have not seen your kind.

On the vastness of the plains,
your brother tribe were many,
then whiteman came,
now hardly any.

Oh great eagle spirit,
lift my spirit up high,
that I may fly with you,
like clouds in the sky.

And so I flew,
like an eagle on the wind,
but not one buffalo brother,
did I find.

As I searched with brother eagle,
all that could be found,
were a thousand rotting carcass,
stripped bare on the ground.

Oh great spirit chief,
why does the whiteman need,
to take from us more than he uses,
is it only his greed.

We never took more than we need,
from our Mother Earth,
but the whiteman he takes everything,
and all he leaves is death.

And so it is now,
as in this tale of long ago,
that still it is mans greed,
that delivers the final blow.

*        *        *
Buffalo Spirit - by Jack Robinson © 2007


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