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Beltane Eve
by Jill M Earlam / Dragonlady

As the fires of Beltane were lit on the heath, next to the forest, there were cheers and the happy sound of people enjoying themselves, eating and drinking and waiting in breathless anticipation of the God and Goddess, who would surely come to bless this Beltane celebration.

Delphi stood smiling, watching the children dance around the maypole, screaming and laughing with delight as they held the ribbons, weaving in and out of each other making that age old pattern, beginning again the dance of creation even though none of them knew what tonight would bring.

She stood at the edge of the forest, a little way from the people, who were beginning to feel the effects of the drink and the dancing and as the youngsters were taken home by their sisters old enough to celebrate the day but not quite old enough to join in the rituals, which came later.

Delphi could feel Janus calling her and slipped between the trees. It was dark within the confines of the forest but she could still see the fires burning brightly and the full moon was just visible, her beams split by the branches of the tall trees. Her heart was pounding in her chest, she could feel his presence; he was very close. She turned around as she felt his touch. He was there, standing before her in his white robe, his face hidden. As he pulled back the hood of his robe she could see he wore the silver circlet, with the blue crystal in the centre. The stone was of the deepest blue and seemed to glow brighter, matching his eyes, as he smiled gently at her. He looked like a god standing there before her; tall, long silver blonde hair and fathomless blue eyes. She felt as if she was drowning as she gazed into the depths of those eyes; it was like looking into the deepest lake and seeing your own reflection. Janus took her hand and kissed it before drawing her gently into his arms. As she felt the strength and firmness of his body against hers, through the robe he wore, she sighed with pleasure to be back in his arms.

"How I have missed you, my love." His whispered words made her shiver with anticipated pleasure and he held her tightly.

They stood together, arms around each other totally oblivious to all that was going on just beyond the edge of the trees. He released her and she turned her face up to look at him and as she did, his lips came down to meet hers, gently at first, a feather touch barely there until her hand touched his cheek and she felt his breathing quicken. He reluctantly took his mouth off hers and spoke into her ear, "Let us go to our place, my love. I want to love you."

As they reached the opening in the forest, as one they dropped to the floor, lying on a bed of soft mossy grass only feet away from the edge of the pool, which sparkled in the moonlight.

"I love you so much" her whispered words were muffled as once again, his lips found hers, kissing her with such passion. His fingers started to unfasten the bodice of her dress and his hands slipped inside, caressing her back. He slipped the dress off her shoulders and his lips caressed her neck, moving down to take one of her erect nipples between his lips while he gently rolled the other one between his fingers. She arched her back as he took the dress off her; his hands were hot, gently urgent as his caresses moved between her legs to stroke that mound, covered in soft dark hair. As he gently traced those lips with his fingers, she opened her legs to allow him to touch her and as his fingers found that sensitive little place, she moaned with pleasure. "You are so beautiful" he spoke quietly to her as she implored him, "let me love you"

Her hands reached up and she undid the tie on his robe. As it fell open she saw he was naked underneath and she caressed his firm body with her hands, flicking her tongue over his nipples, dropping butterfly kisses along his chest and stomach, stopping only to take hold of his manhood, her fingers caressing up and down, feeling him grow at her touch.

He was so hard and ready for her, he could bear it no longer and he gently entered her, his erect shaft finding its way inside her, their bodies becoming one as their lips met again in the sweetest kiss. Slowly and sensually they moved together, their breathing quickening as waves of desire and love washed over them.

She heard the animal come crashing through the forest. He stopped and pawed the ground; he was so near she could almost feel his breath.

She was close, so close to reaching ecstasy and felt the hardness and strength of Janus inside her as they moved as one, his breathing fast and shallow, whispering words of love in her ear. She felt him tense, his body arching as he cried out her name releasing his seed inside her and as she held his shuddering body she felt the waves of pleasure washing over her. And at that moment, although neither of them knew it, the child was conceived. Their bodies trembled with released passion and love as they lay holding each other, neither one wanting to move lest they break the spell.

The stag still watched as if hypnotised and as they looked back at him, (wondering what he was going to do), his outline wavered and before them stood Herne, tall and powerful. Before they had a chance to get to their feet and cover their nakedness, from between the trees She appeared - beautiful in her flowing blue gown, dark hair falling down past her waist with a silver triple moon circlet on her forehead. She smiled at them and as she went to Herne, they spoke without words. By this time Delphi and Janus were on their knees, their heads bowed towards this great god and goddess.

She spoke to them in a voice full of tenderness, "stand up my dears, do not be afraid." They stood before Herne and the Goddess heads still bowed. She was trembling in fear because as High Priestess to the Goddess she should not be with a mortal man. Yet the Goddess was smiling at her, look on her face, which seemed almost to suggest forgiveness.

Janus threw himself at Herne's feet in such terror crying, "Please don't hurt her; forgive her. Punish me instead. I love her so much." He lay prostrate on the ground, his shoulders shaking as tears coursed down his cheek. Delphi wanted to run to him, but did not dare move, until she felt the Goddess give her a little push and she looked at her and smiled, "Go to him, don't leave him to cry alone." Even Herne was smiling down at her as she threw herself on the floor by the side of Janus and took his face in her hands and as she saw the look of such abject sorrow on his face, her tears began to fall. They held each other, just sitting waiting for the wrath of Herne to descend on them.

Then Herne spoke, "We have been watching you for some time now and know just how long you have fought against this love you feel. We know you have not deliberately sought to deceive us and for that we will not punish you." The Goddess spoke, saying, "We see the love and devotion you have for each other and who are we to come between you? when we both have felt that utter misery of being without the one you love. You deserve each other and of course there is now the child to think of too."

As She spoke these words, Herne closed the gap between them and put His arms around Her and gently touched Her lips with His. The forest stirred, the Moon came out from behind a cloud and a sun flared into being, high in the cosmos.

Delphi suddenly realised just what the Goddess had said - she was with child.

"You shall be released from your Priestess duties but you may remain with the other Priestesses as long you as you wish, showing them the way and deciding who shall succeed you as High Priestess. I shall make sure all know it is my decision and all will be well. It is meant to be, the child inside you has shown me that."

At the Goddess's words, Delphi got to her feet and kneeled before her and took her hand. "I don't know how to thank you. I have no words but if you can see my heart you know how I am feeling right now." She kissed the hand of the Goddess who smiled down at her. Janus stood and bowed his head before the mighty Herne, whose voice reverberated through the forest as he spoke. "Look after her and your unborn child, there are those who will attempt to destroy what you have - do not let them. Love each other the way we love and you will survive through the ages. You shall continue as Druid and sing the songs and tell the tales of the Bards but I shall speak to your master and tell him. If you ever need us, come into the forest and call and we shall come."

As Herne spoke these words, the Goddess came to him and slipped her hand into his and they turned and walked away through the trees, leaving Delphi and Janus.

*        *        *
An excerpt from Beltane Eve - by Jill M Earlam / Dragonlady © 2007


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