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Beltane Eve
by Dragonlady / Jill M Earlam

There is magick in the air this day
As the Beltane fires light the sky
Everywhere the people dance and sing
And around the Maypole fly

As darkness falls the fires burn bright
From the trees the Green Man peeps
As Herne the hunter walks the woods
The Lady wakes from her sleep

She can sense his presence closer now
And awaits his loving touch
To feel his body mould with hers
The caress shes missed so much

He enters her with gentle strength
Hard and hot, she feels the fire
Of ecstasy, as he spills his seed
Crying out in his desire

As the Lord and Lady join in love
He holds her close to his heart
Together always they shall be
Never again to part.

*        *        *
Beltane Eve - by Dragonlady / Jill M Earlam © 2007


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