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Mau Bast
by LBolotin / CatSister

My time has come, as evening settles her blue shadowed veils around the temple. The scents and sounds of the coming night drift on the warm night air.

The smell of myrrh mixes with the scent of the Niles black earth, the distant sounds of people and the calling of night birds and frogs from the lotus pond are a soothing hum.

I rise and stretch in the fading light, muscles sleek and sinuous, eyes glowing like amber fire. I enter the temple hall where servants are lighting the rush lights, they bow as I silently pad past.

From the temple, there are voices raised in song and the sound of sistrums, a tribute to the living goddess. I consider joining them but the night beckons, like a seductive lover that I cannot resist.

As I emerge from the temple, I am greeted by the small wildcats that are my children and the scent of lotus flowers. Together we fade into the cloak of night.

It is my time.

Mau Bast...

*        *        *
Mau Bast © LBolotin / CatSister 2005


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