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by Ash

The falling leaves in a distant wind,
Call out of this place.
The pale full moon in a shadow cast sky,
Illuminates the Mabon mist.
The sombre tone of a waning sun is all that we have left.
But the light of your love breaks through the fog,
And our weary eyes look to the field,
We see you in the grain.
An echo of the Goat God’s song is all that’s left to hear,
You, the corn king, in the underworld deep,
Lie in rest with the Goddess,
And take your earthly sleep.
Though time waits not for gods or man,
Bitter winter rides over the land.
Plunged in darkness, wreathed in night,
We await your coming in this barren time.
A time for death and a time for rest,
We lay down our heads.
And dream of days in summer’s sun,
A glimpse of what’s to come.

*        *        *
Mabon © Ash 2005


pale leaves

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