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Equinox Journey
by Jade Wolf

It’s dark now,
Farewell my god
My thoughts turn to what’s inside
The life I have
The friends I’ve made
The smiles and tears I’ve cried
Gazing in
Connecting with the crone
Realising that the veil is thin
That I am close to home 

I can feel my heart beat
In unison with the earth
My soul can now begin to feel
The power of rebirth 

I smile and shout “I KNOW YOU'RE THERE!”
I can feel the magick Samhain air
While my eyes glint in the dark
It waves softly through my hair

The leaves now turn to golds and red
They fall gently to the floor
Dancing their dance till they hit the ground
Adorning trees no more, 

The autumn nights
The feasts ahead
It's time for us to recognize
The eternal cycle of our Life
That is right before our eyes

*        *        *
Equinox Journey © Jade Wolf SR 2005


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