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My Friends, The Trees
By Heather

I hear them calling, those ancient trees,
i remember the softness of their leaves.
My heart hurts to not be near,
when will i get over my biggest fear.
I long to walk among the golden rays
of sunlight dappled through the branches
and feel my friends ancient whispers.
My life is marred by my own black cloud of fear and depression,
when will i get the courage to be free again.
I remember the lightness of natures embrace,
the feeling of oneness that all is connected.
I long to run through the woods on my own
with the wind in my hair and my face warmed by the sun.
One day soon i keep telling myself,
i will fight that fear and embrace whats mine,
to visit my friends and feel once again the divine.

Blessed Be.

*        *        *
My Friends, The Trees © Heather



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