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Lammas Moon
by JadeWolf

The web of this world is spun
With silvery threads on a magical loom
As I sit h¾ere and ponder connections
In the shadows of a candle lit room


Who knows the patterns of life we weave
We live by those things we can guess
Fleeting moments disguise the fears
Of the dark solitude called loneliness


There are oceans of stars between us
Waves of moonlight white beams
But nothing can come inbetween us
Or at least that is how it now seems


This is more than the feelings inside me
I am walking barefoot on dewed grass
I am a whisper on the winds of change
I am all of the things come to pass


We enter the sabbat of lammas
Where the harvest season will start
It’s with passion that I start reaping
The fruits of my laboured long heart


I want to take this blanket of stars
And wrap it around us both tight
Fall asleep under the silvery moon
Arm in arm through the dark of night


As my candles continue to flicker
A peace envelopes my mood
And I smile as I happily enter
The peace of a dark solitude

*        *        *
Lammas Moon © JadeWolf 2007


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