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The Labyrinth
by JadeWolf

So dam heavy in its feeling, confusing and concealing
The sacred fate that’s feeling with your heart
Inwardly your seething, burning lungs stopped breathing
The ache of will you wont you fall apart

A never ending story, warriors bloodstained glory
As the holy grail they fight to comprehend
As a labyrinth disguised, in the dark behind your eyes
You must descend into the maze to then transcend

When reaching deep inside, to avoid the loss of pride
Like a stench of fear that rises from the graves
Search into your soul, for the light that makes you whole
A true believers power of mind cannot be a slaves.

There’s a meaning in this rhyme, its one as old as time
It’s the question where you’re asking “what life for?”
Faced with this affliction, do you have strength of conviction
To take your body mind and soul to ever more.

Do gods dance at your feet, do they crumble in defeat
Do you have the power to make them equal in your mind
Feel the tightening of the cord, and the blood soaked sword
As you cut free all the tethers that might bind

*        *        *
The Labyrinth © JadeWolf / SR


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