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Wanderlusty Warrior
by Mommawhitecougar

I think my Warrior Within
Has gone into retreat.
She’s setting up her tipi
Somewhere just South of my feet.

I haven’t had an inkling
Of why she went away,
Or what exactly I must do
To bring her back to stay.

The Winter’s changing into Spring
I want my hopes to soar,
And still that doggone Warrior Maid
Is camping on the floor!

She sits there roasting hotdogs
At her psychic fireplace
And stuffing blackened marshmallows
Into her Spirit face.

I think I’ll send a message down
To her campground in my soul
And let her know I need her now
To make my Spirit grow.

I’ll drum and chant and dance around
I’ll wave my arms and sing!
I’ll bring my roving Warrior back
To celebrate the Spring!

*        *        *

Wanderlusty Warrior © Mommawhitecougar 2006


pale leaves

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