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by Mommawhitecougar

I am the seed buried beneath the soil.
I am the sigh of a breeze through bare branches.
I am the ember hidden in the ashes.
I am the droplet frozen in a glacier.

I am the daughter of the Goddess,
I was dreaming, but must now awake.
I am the daughter of the God
I was bound but long to run free.

It is the time for the seed to sprout.
It is the time for the gale to blow.
It is the time for the flame to rise.
It is the time for the river to flood.

Earth – Air - Fire – Water
I know myself as Gaia’s daughter!
Water – Fire – Air – Earth
The Horned One’s child has come to birth!

*        *        *

Imbolc © Mommawhitecougar 2006


pale leaves

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