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I Have
By Sam Spaniel

I have seen new life
I have seen death
Old and young alike.
I have been the one,
holding the hand
of the dying
all through the night

I have been the one
That somebody needed
In their last moments
last breath
last sigh.
I have been the one
Who was left behind
As the grasp loosened
I've said goodbye.

I have carried on loving
my own family
And those i have cared for too,
I have felt the emotion,
the wrench of the loss
Dying people's families go through.

I've held them in my arms
While they've cried themselves dry,
then they have talked to me for a while
About good times they've shared
And the fun they have had
And again they have made themselves smile.

For in loss is a sadness
sometimes happiness too
A release for the dying
A sad time for you
But i know when it's my turn,
And someone is by me
I want them to be smiling,
I want them to see,
My old happy memories
Surrounding forever
To help loved ones along
In our final endeavour,
And a party for a funeral
And the foo fighters playing
No Hymns or tributes or loved ones praying !
Let death be a happy time
Remember me well
Remember our laughs,
Smiles and Joking
When we say farewell.

*        *        *
I Have © Sam Spaniel


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