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Dumannios (Nov/Dec) - The darkest depths
by Ash

So comes a time in all our lives,
When we must turn and look inside.
In waxing light when the sun smiles bright
We look at the past, the present and future.
A mirror of ourselves with rippled waves,
Hangs on show in this dale.
When everyone goes blind in their heart,
Ivy binds the soul.
As he sits staring over frozen lakes
Behind winters veil.

When snow blankets field and home,
And frost bites the face,
When staring over distant lands
Our roots start to form shape.
A pale form sits atop an altitudinal mound,
And reads other peoples lives,
Tales of sorrow and memory and of strife.
And reading the message “never forget you”
He comes to bear a wonder and a thought.
Of why we squander such a precious gift,
One which is so short.

And so a deep exhale breaks the silence,
And echoes in the wind,
And internally the ice wall grows,
Longing to take hold.
And knowing that all comes to loss,
Fills the heart with stone,
And so he takes one last glance,
Before the journey home.

So on and on the path winds down,
Through woodland and through fields.
And people stop and bid good noon,
With seasoned hearts and joyous smiles,
But intrigue in their eyes.
For in a time of peace and love,
Melancholy has no place.
Especially not on this special day,
And on such a pale face.

So through the crest of cold tears grow,
A longing and a boon,
That for all these joyous occasions spent,
Beneath the sun and moon,
Memories should never fade away.
And never disappear.

And so the journey back is done,
Warmth and smiles are planted.
But deep inside this clear quartz form,
He can’t help wonder still.
Why it is that so many will,
Take it all for granted.

*        *        *
Dumannios (Nov/Dec) - The darkest depths © Ash 2005


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