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Demeter's Daughter
by Mommawhitecougar

I waited through the cold of Winter for the gate to be opened.
I waited so that I may come out into the warm.
I have made my choice.
I have accepted my compromise.

For Love I gave up the life I knew for a time,
But now…now my Mother is calling to me.
I hear Her voice filled with yearning,
Awakening in me the almost forgotten feelings…

Warm damp earth beneath my toes.
A playful breeze blowing through my hair.
The kiss of rain upon my upturned face.
Hot Sun on my back,

As I run to your arms I am safe.
I will always be Your Child.
You will always be My Mother.
I am home.

*        *        *

Demeter's Daughter © Mommawhitecougar 2006


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