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The Dawn of Spring
by Susan Harris

She drifts above the frozen lake,
Trailing frost from Her fingertips,
The landscape sparkles in Her wake,
As a smile grows on Her lips.
For underneath the blanket, white,
Glistening silver 'neath the moon,
She knows the world is sleeping light,
And is going to wake up soon.
She surveys the beauty of Her Earth,
And sighs into the breeze.
With spangled eyes a-glow with mirth,
She shakes the naked trees.
"Enough of winter now!" She cries,
"Time for sleep is over".
With arms stretched upwards to the skies,
She reaches to Her lover.
He warms Her skin with rays of light,
Snowflakes melting from Her hair.
Kisses away the winters' night,
From Her face, so fair.
His golden fingers strum the Earth,
As the world wakes to His tune.
He sings a love song of rebirth,
With our Lady of the Moon.

*        *        *
The Dawn of Spring © Susan Harris 2004


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