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The Importance of Dreaming
A Creation Story
A tale from the Abenaki people - As Told By Cat

Long ago, when the world was not so ancient as it is now, the Great Spirit sat contemplating the world. What he saw was nothing..... no color or sound. All was dark and silent and the Great Spirit was saddened by the emptiness. Then an idea came to him. "I will fill the world with life and light!" he declared.

The Great Spirit called forth his power and the sparks of creation flew from his weathered fingers. He created the sun and moon and the stars in the sky. "There must be land" said he.... and he called into the depths of the waters for Tolba the Great Turtle. "Brother Turtle! I have need of you!" and Tolba came and agreed to help. Upon the turtles back the Great Spirit made fountains and valleys, hills and caves. He even created clouds to sail in the blue sky. " Everything is ready, now I can create life!" he said, as he happily watched the clouds against the blue sky. But suddenly his mind was filled with questions............ What should he make? How would they live? What would they do? The Great Spirit wanted his plan to be perfect. He sat and thought until he was exhausted................. and then he fell asleep............................

He dreamed of all that he had created and in this dream he began to see odd things. He saw creatures that walked on two legs and others who walked on four. Some lived in the water and had fins, while others moved through the air on wings. Plants were everywhere, lush and green, flowers bold and beautiful. The very air was filled sound buzzing insects, the song of birds, human voices. This wasn't right! The world he envisioned had been perfect.... but this.... this was........... " I must be having a bad dream" he thought in his dream "nothing could be this imperfect!" When the Great Spirit awoke, he was relieved that it had been a dream. Then he noticed a creature nearby and he stared. It was a beaver gnawing on a tree. With a start he realized that his dream had become his creation, and everything was as he had dreamed. He sat staring at the beaver. The beaver however paid him no mind and went about his business of cutting logs. The Great Spirit watched as the beaver made a home for his family and pond to swim in............. suddenly he understood! It was alright because everything had it's purpose and it's place.

It is told among the Abenaki from generation to generation. Do not question your dreams............ for they are our creation.

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The Importance of Dreaming... A Creation Story.
A tale from the Abenaki people retold by Cat


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