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by Jude BaileyMurfin

When April showers have nourished the Earth
And winter memories start to wane,
The Sun climbs higher in the sky,
It's the magikal time of Beltane.
Seek out the Green Man in the woods,
Feel his presence all around.
He'll be watching from the newly clothed trees
Or hiding in the bluebells on the ground.
And if you wander carefully
With respect for all you see,
You may be blessed enough to find
A ring of mushrooms round a Hawthorn tree.
This is where the faeries live
And while the veil between our worlds is thin,
You may take a peep and gaze in awe
At the faerie world within.
As we dance around the maypole
And make merry all the day
And tap our feet to the rhythm of the Earth
Shout 'Hail to the Queen of the May!'

*        *        *
Beltane © Jude BaileyMurfin 2008


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