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by Dragonlady

  In a dream we met not so long ago
When you asked me to join in the dance
Through the spiral you held out your hands to me
And you asked would I take a chance

You led me to your Lord of the Green
And I knelt on the ground at his feet
He smiled down and gently lifted me
With a sweet tender kiss he did greet

Through the trees we walked to a sacred grove
Where the Moon shone down from above
Then the mighty Herne turned to me and said
I will show you the way I love

I will be with you every day you wake
Until you lay down your head to sleep
When you close your eyes I will come to you
If in your heart my love you will keep

A circlet of gleaming silver
The triple moon in the centre set
Was the gift he gave me before I left
To make sure I would never forget

How upon that day in the forest green
When the Goddess called me to the dance
Herne the Hunter waited patiently
In the hope that I might take a chance.

*  * *
Herne © Dragonlady / J.Earlam 2005


pale leaves

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