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pale leaves

by Domino

Fresh blossoms,
Bouquets of intoxicating confetti
Strewn extravagantly around
In their season
To celebrate the May.
A sky of pale velvet lined with fleece,
Sun-warmed to ecstasy;
Dewdrops still glistening, wet
Upon a tapestry of greens

Today is the betrothal.

Ripe and fertile,
Lush with longing
The awakened imagination
Quickens to the vital pulse
Of promised fulfillment

round and round the pole they go
entwine their ribbons to and fro

As the white hawthorn blossoms
Scatter in the gaiety and laughter,
Once-virgin furrows, fecund,
Fill with new life germinating afresh
In the womb of our Mother.

As joy is the fulfillment of innocence,
So the berry is the joy of the bud.

And the silent starry wheel
Slowly turns full circle round
As it was in the Beginning.

*        *        *
Beltane © Domino 2005


pale leaves

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