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Ylang Ylang - Cananga odorata var. gernuia

A tropical tree which can grow up to 20 metres tall, with large, tender, fragrant flowers ranging from pinks and mauves to yellow, depending on the variety of tree. Yellow flowers are considered to be the best for extraction of the essential oil.

The calming, relaxing effect of the Ylang Ylang may be where its reputation as an aphrodisiac stems from, and in Indonesian folklore the flowers are scattered across the beds of newly married couples on their wedding night.

Used in skin care preparations, Ylang Ylang can be used to treat acne, irritated and oily skin, insect bites, and for general skin care. As a hair rinse or scalp massage it promotes hair growth - during the Victorian era, the oil was an ingredient of the popular hair treatment Macassar oil, which in turn gave rise to the ‘antimacassars’ used to protect the chair-backs from the oily stain. A scalp friction / hair treatment with an alcoholic base rather than a carrier oil would result in a product less prone to stain your bed linen or furniture.

Ylang Ylang is invaluable in helping to slow down over-rapid breathing, and rapid heartbeat, such as the symptoms caused by shock or anxiety - it is also effective in calming cases of anger, especially the anger resulting from frustration. The fragrance stimulates the senses and induces feelings of well being, it can also be helpful for treating insomnia.

Great for treating stress, tension, and insomnia, and an effective antidepressant, ylang-ylang is a lovely essential oil to add to a soothing bath, or added to an oil burner to lift the mood of the room. If you find the scent too heavy and sweet, you may wish to balance it with a little citrus fragrance such as lemon, grapefruit or bergamot, it also blends rather well with jasmine and rose for a more luxurious, sensual mood.

! Can cause headaches and nausea if used in too high a concentration, or for prolonged periods of time !


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