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Rosemary - Rosemarinus officinalis

A strongly aromatic, shrubby, evergreen plant which grows up to about 2 metres, with needle-shaped silvery-green leaves and pale blue flowers.

One of the earliest herbs to be used for food, medicine, and magic, Rosemary is sacred in many civilisations. In ancient Greece sprigs of rosemary were burnt at shrines, and in the Middle Ages it was used to protect against infectious illness and burnt to ‘drive away evil spirits’. Originally from the Mediterranean area, Rosemary was first grown in Britain in the 14th century, and is now cultivated worldwide.

Traditionally associated with remembrance, rosemary sprigs were once scattered on coffins, or exchanged by lovers - and has a reputation for improving memory.

Rosemary is powerfully antioxidant, and has an anti-inflammatory effect, mainly down to the rosmarinic acid and flavanoids it contains. The flavanoids also strengthen capillaries. As a nerve tonic, rosemary can be helpful for relieving temporary fatigue and overwork, and a herbal tea is useful for relieving headaches, migraines, and mild depression. As a mental and physical booster, rosemary helps relieve general body-aches, muscular pain, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, poor circulation, and helps stimulate circulation of blood to the head - improving memory and concentration, and reviving a tried brain. Added to the bath rosemary makes a wonderful pick-me-up after a stressful, long day.

As an aide to the immune system it helps ward off colds, ‘flu, and infections, and is effective at treating asthma, bronchitis, and whooping cough.

An antiseptic, antimicrobial herb it makes a suitable infusion for wiping down food-shelves and cupboards, and makes an effective insect repellent : add to hot coals, or the barbecue, to help keep mosquitos and insects away, or rub the aromatic plant over your skin, or add a couple of drops of the essential oil to a carrier oil and massage into your skin.

Used in skin treatments rosemary is effective at against spots, dermatitis, and eczema. It's antioxidants also make it an effective skin care herb and is known to help keep wrinkles at bay.

Traditionally used to darken hair colour and restore grey hair, rosemary is also effective at combatting dandruff as it stimulates the scalp and improves blood flow to the scalp, which encourages hair growth. Also makes a suitable remedy for greasy hair.

Place some rosemary under your pillow if you suffer from nightmares, and for protection during sleep. Burn to purify and protect space.

! Avoid during pregnancy - Not recommended for epileptics !


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