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Parsley - Petroselinum crispum

This is one herb which has earned itself quite a reputation for its dislike of being transplanted, and is best grown from seed in the place you wish it to grow.

Parsley tends to rob the soil (like nettles) concentrating the many vitamins and minerals in its leaves, and is therefore rich in iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, beta-carotene, and chlorophyll, making it an excellent food for anyone feeling run-down, suffering from fatigue or anaemia. Encourages urination and is a good remedy for fluid retention associated with menstrual irregularities and cystitis. as a uterine tonic it can relieve cramping pains and stimulate menstrual flow. It is also used as a digestive remedy for colic, flatulence, and indigestion and is a mild laxative.

As an age old remedy for bad breath, Parsley is particularly effective at combating garlic and onion odours - chew the fresh leaves or seeds after meals. Parsley wine is said to be a valuable aphrodisiac.

! Avoid large quantities of leaves and seeds and oil during pregnancy, or if suffering from kidney inflammation !


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