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Mullein - Verbascum thapus

A tall, biennial plant, growing in chalk grassland and dry, waste places, producing a dense spike of yellow flowers in June - August. The leaves (oblong in shape, the base of which runs down the stem as a narrow bond) and stems are thickly covered in white wool.

Mullein was used as lamp wicks in the days before cotton: the long stems being dipped in tallow. It was also regularly used by farmers to prevent coughs and lung diseases in the herds. It does indeed make a soothing cough remedy which reduces inflammation, encourages the production and expulsion of phlegm, and is useful for treating all respiratory problems, whilst also toning the mucous membranes. The dried leaves were once made into a smoking mixture to relieve bronchitis and other chronic coughs. As a remedy for throat and chest infections, try simmering a handful of leaves in a pint of milk for about 10 minutes - strain and drink hot!

As a mucilaginous plant, Mullein makes a soothing wound remedy, and is also useful for piles, frostbite, bruises, and other inflammations. The infused oil serves as a remedy for ear problems - earache, discharges from the ear, eczema in the external ear and canal, and the likes.


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