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Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris

Known as the 'mother of herbs' Mugwort also has strong connections to the goddess Artemis [who in turn was seen by many as a protector of young mothers] and also has a long tradition in the West as a labour inducer.

Mugwort can also been seen as a mother to your body - taken in low doses over the long-term, mugwort stimulates and increases appetite, and the absorbtion of nutrients. Try a daily cup of mugwort tea, the taste is rather similar to Sage [so quite an acquired one!]. Mugwort is also a digestive and tonic herb with excellent antiseptic properties, and is effective at elliminating worms.

Mugwort is the principle ingredient in moxa sticks used in moxicombustion - a wonderful healing experience where the smouldering moxa [which resembles dhoop] is held over specific points of the body to remedy all manner of ills.

The Romans used to place mugwort leaves in their sandals to keep their feet in good shape.

Magically speaking mugwort is connected with scrying and psychic matters - many recommend a cup of mugwort tea before a scrying session, or that you wash your crystal ball or scrying mirror in a mugwort infusion. There is also much reference to crystal balls being placed on a bed of mugwort to enhance the experience. Mugwort also has a history of use in dreaming / journeying work - from adding it to dream-pillows or smudging around the sleeping area for protection during dreamwork to drinking or bathing in an infusion before journey work.

! Avoid during Pregnancy - labour inducing !


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