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Juniper (common) - Juniperus communis

The Juniper tree has a reddish-brown bark, with sharp, blueish-green pointed needles. The female and male cones grow on separate trees - the male cones, about 4mm long, are yellow and cylindrical, whilst the females cones are greenish, globular and about 6-9mm in diameter, ripening in 2-3 years to blue-black berry like fruits, famously used for flavouring gin.

Traditionally a herb associated with sacred cleansing rituals, sprigs of Juniper are still regularly burned in Tibetan temples as part of the morning purification rituals, and until fairly recently sprigs of Juniper and Rosemary were burnt in French hospitals wards to protect from infection. An effective household disinfectant can be made by adding a few drops of Juniper oil to water.

Juniper is antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, strengthening and detoxifying and is widely used for treating urinary tract problems and cystitis. It also makes a stimulating tonic massage, which is useful as an abdomen massage for treating scanty periods. The cleansing properties of Juniper work on the emotional / mental plane as well as the physical - inhale to clear the mind...

! Prolonged use can irritate the kidneys and should not be taken internally by anyone suffering from kidney diseases. Any preparation containing Juniper should not be taken for longer than 6 months without professional advice. Avoid during pregnancy !


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