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Jasmine - Jasmineum officinale

An evergreen vine or shrub which can grow some 10 metres in height, with delicate, green leaves and star shaped, sumptuously fragrant, white flowers - the odour of which is more powerful after dark.

One of my all time favourites Jasmine has a gorgeous, luxurious smell and not many things can beat the fragrance of these beautiful white flowers as they waft in on a warm evening breeze...sigh.... it has had a reputation as being an aphrodisiac for centuries and is also a great anti-depressant!

Add a couple drops of essential oil to your bath when you want to feel pampered, or add to a facial steam to replenish dry skin and soothe irritated, sensitive skin. You don’t need to use much oil if your using Jasmine absolute (which is great because it is rather costly!)

Jasmine is a valuable uterine tonic - useful for menstrual pain and cramps - and is reportedly very helpful in childbirth as a massage oil for the abdomen and lower back in the the early stages of labour, relieving pain and strengthening contractions. It also helps with the expulsion of the placenta after delivery, and post-natal recovery.

The flowers make a refreshing, delicately flavoured tea.

! Jasmine oil should be avoided in regular large or therapeutic doses during pregnancy !


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