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Brief meanings of words you may encounter when researching herbalism, aromatherapy and natural medicine / health. This list is by no means exhaustive, and is correct only to the best of my knowledge / research.

Anaesthetic - reduces pain and sensitivity - produces a numbing sensation.
Analgesic - reduces pain.
Anaphrodisiac - reduces sexual response.
Antibiotic - combats infection within the body.
Antidepressant - helps lift depression.
Anti-inflammatory - reduces inflammation.
Antiseptic - prevents or combats bacterial infection locally.
Antispasmodic - prevents or relieves spasms.
Antiviral - kills or inhibits growth / spread of viruses.
Aphrodisiac - increases sexual respones.
Astringent - tightens the tissues, reduces fluid loss.
Bactericide - kills bacteria.
Carminative - relaxes digestive tension and spasms, reduces wind.
Cholagogue - stimulates the flow of bile.
Cytophylactic - a cell regenerator.
Decongestant - relieves congestion.
Demulcent - soothes irritated tissues, particularly mucous membranes.
Deodorant - reduces odour.
Depurative - cleanses the blood.
Detoxifying - helps cleans the body of impurities.
Diaphoretic - promotes sweating.
Digestive / Digestif - aids digestion.
Diuretic - increases / encourages production of urine.
Emetic - provokes vomitting.
Emmenagogue - encourages menstruation.
Expectorant - helps expel phlegm.
Febrifuge - reduces fever.
Fungicidal - kills or inhibits growth of moulds, yeasts, fungus etc...
Hepatic - strengthens the liver.
Hypertensive - raises blood pressure.
Hypotensive - lowers blood pressure.
Immuno - strengthens the body's defensive stimulant reaction to infection.
Mucolytic - breaks down cattarh.
Nervine - strengthens the nervous system.
Rubefacient - produces local redness and warmth when applied to the skin.
Sedative - calms the nervous system.
Stimulant - increases activity.
Sudorific - promotes sweating.
Tonic - strengthens the body generally or a specific organ.
Uterine - has a tonic action on the womb.
Vasoconstrictor - causes small blood vessels to contract.
Vasodilator - causes small blood vessels to expand.
Vulenary - helps wounds to heal.


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