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Widely used in aboriginal medicine to treat fevers, dysentery, sores, and serious wounds (which would be treated by binding a Eucalyptus leaf around the wound), the Eucalyptus plant was brought to Europe in the 19th century as an ornamental species - which incidentally has developed some different characteristics to those in its native home : the ornamental variety secretes chemical substances which actually poison the surrounding soil, inhibiting the growth of surrounding plants.

Eucalyptus is a highly antiseptic, antiviral, and stimulating plant, and is used to encourage coughing and ease spasmodic pains. The essential oil is often used in inhalation remedies for colds, coughs, throat and chest infections, and added to baths for treating infections, coughs, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. For fever sufferers, add a couple of drops of essential oil to warm water in a plant-mister and spray around the room, or add a couple of drops to an oil burner.

Used externally, the essential oil is effective at treating cold sores, and when mixed with a carrier oil, makes an excellent massage oil for tired muscles or painful joints. It is valuable in treating burns and is an effective local painkiller. Eucalyptus can also be used as a nits remedy, and as a deterrent to mosquitos and fleas.

! Excess may cause delirium and headaches !


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