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Bergamot - Citrus bergamia

Bergamot essential oil is expressed simply from the rind of the fruit found on the Bergamot tree - the fruit looks like a miniature orange and has been used for hundreds of years in Italian folk medicine. Until relatively recently the Bergamot tree was almost unknown outside of Italy. Bergamot is now perhaps most well known as a fragrant ingredient of Earl Grey Tea.

The essential oil of Bergamot is an uplifting, relatively relaxing citrus oil used in aromatherapy to remedy depression and anxiety and is a useful antiseptic for skin conditions such as acne, oily skin and infected skin conditions. It is also a useful oil to add to treatments for greasy hair. I have found the oil to be effective as a headache remedy - particularly headaches caused by stress or anxiety. Add a few drops to a tissue and sniff as required, or use in an oil burner to infuse the room with the wonderful aroma.

Bergamot is antiviral and inhibits certain viruses, including the herpes simplex I virus (the one responsible for ocld sores). It is also cited as being particularly effective at treating urinary tract infections - especially in the very early stages of infection, a few drops of Bergamot oil can be added to bath water. It has also been used to remedy respiratory and digestive problems - I would suspect that it is particularly useful if these ailments are caused or accompanied by anxiety.

Bergamot essential oil is a photosensitiser, meaning it increases the skin's reaction to sunlight. The effect can last for several days so avoid using Bergamot oil on skin exposed to sunlight.

! Bergamot essential oil is a Photosensitiser !


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